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Obama: objectively pro-prostitots and pro-gigglehos!

According to the McCain campaign, Obama wants to forcibly recruit the nation's kindergartners into lives of sodomy and vice. McCain & Palin and their campaign staff will throw any old bullshit at the Democrats at this point just to see what'll stick, and get away with it because the media won't point out the obvious overarching pattern: McCain and Palin are not only liars, they're bad liars, and their lies are getting very desperate very quickly.

Of course, the people I really worry about are the otherwise nice, wholesome people who believe these kinds of ads. What does it say about us as a society that the McCain campaign thinks this kind of ad will be credible to potential voters? Just how poisoned has our discourse gotten that people will believe that a fundamentally decent, nerdy and deeply moderate policy wonk like Obama wants to debauch their tiny, vulnerable children? Bah!


Also Obama called McCain a dead fish wrapped up in paper! Its true!