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questions for Sarah Palin

The McCain campaign's plan to limit access to Sarah Palin worked far better than I expected: it's only increased the already high level of public interest in her (and taken the spotlight off McCain's sorta tired and leaden campaigning), and this success has pressured the media into allowing the campaign to strongarm them in an effort to not harm their chances of getting access to Palin. ABC was jubilant about their anchor Charlie Gibson winning the first interview but, as Josh Marshall details, the interview is set up to ensure it's not too tough or, you know, interesting.

ABC put out a call for interview questions, and that combined with the certainty among the press corps that few more interviews will be forthcoming has led to a curious journalistic sub-genre: lots of lists of very detailed questions the McCain campaign has no intention of allowing Palin to answer. I've seen a bunch, but here are some of the most interesting:

  1. The 20 questions we would ask Sarah Palin, from the editors of Foreign Policy Magazine (h/t Tomas). Personally, I think these questions should be asked of all the candidates, and Bush and Cheney besides. There's a few gotcha questions in here, but the questions about nonproliferation and terrorism are completely fair, if tough.

  2. At the other extreme, the editors of the Anchorage Daily News have 9 questions for Sarah Plain, most of which deal with issues especially germane to Alaskan politics and Palin's performance as governor. Just reading the questions is educational.

  3. A very thoughtful list of questions about domestic policy (focusing particularly on GLBTQ, feminist and minority concerns) by WOC, PhD.

  4. Firedoglake has a more cynical set of questions, which accurately reflects how I feel about the whole tired circus.

  5. A raw dump of the questions posed by the public at large on ABC's blog (with some context).

  6. The very serious Citizens for Legitimate Government give their very serious assessment of the very serious questions they imagine Gibson will ask.

In reality, the whole thing is going to be stage-managed into utter sterility, and ABC will be so psyched about the ratings tsunami the interview will bequeath unto them that they'll just roll over and take it. I would love to be proved wrong, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.


Here's the questions I'd ask:

But yeah, it is going to be a orchestrated, pointless waste of airtime.